Submit to BIG MESS!

We’re always looking for new friends and contributors! Each issue of Big Mess features work loosely inspired by a theme. Here’s what’s up next:

We have some initial ideas for what we want to do with these themes, but we’re still very open! Want to make something? email us at and let us know what you’re thinking about! We will work together to determine final specs and timeline.

Technical details

Issues of Big Mess are typically 5 inches by 8 inches with bleed. Each issue usually features between 3–6 contributors. Generally, we like for each contributor to have 3–5 pages each, except in cases where we pair up writing and imagery.

Illustration: We happily accept illustration work that is already color-separated. We are also glad to produce separations from full-color, flattened RGB images if the art necessitates it (for example, if you create original art physically on paper).

Photography: Full-color photography can be riso printed with a relatively “normal-looking” faux-CMYK process, or with any other unusual combination of colors. We will produce color separations from RGB images and collaborate on ink selection for the desired effect. Black-and-white photography can be riso printed with a single ink.

Writing: We’re looking for fiction and nonfiction writing of up to 1,500 words. Poetry of any length is also welcome! We will provide light editing to conform to our house style.

Future themes… maybe?

Collections, Taste, Trash, Smells, Sound, Hair. Anything here catch your fancy? Let us know what you want to make!